Submission on Omics technologies – April 2016

One of my last tasks with NZORD in May 2015 was to respond to a National Health Committee “think piece” on emerging technologies in diagnosis and treatment of disease. Mine was not the only critical response they got for an inadequate overview, but to their credit the NHC came back with a much more robust discussion document for interested parties to mull over. You can read their new proposal here.

I provided them with this Submission on Omics technologies -April 2016 The key theme I pursued in this submission was to focus on the ethical considerations, emphasise their importance, but to caution that we do not need to reinvent the wheel over these issues. They have been considered and debated extensively over recent decades in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world, and there is a large measure of consensus on many of them, plus good guidance available on how to approach the resolution of disputed topics in this arena.

My objective was to assist the process of adopting these technologies that promise many great benefits for the health of our population, while ensuring a robust process to evaluate and deal with any risks or ethical concerns.